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Phone case wholesale suppliers
One-stop shopping for tens of thousands of mobile phone case suppliers, efficiently meeting the needs of various brands and different styles.

Department Introduction

phone case wholesale

R&D Mold Opening Center

A strong development team can quickly complete the mold based on the information provided by the customer.mobile case wholesale

mobile phone case wholesale

Injection Workshop

The factory has 100 production machines (factory direct sales, no middlemen, competitive prices)phone cover wholesale

mobile case wholesale

Assembly Workshop

Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, it has 400 production personnel and 10 assembly lines.
phone cover wholesale

Quality Inspection Team

Ensure that the products are qualified, with CE, CCC, RoHS, ISO certifications, and 60 invention patents.phone case wholesale
wholesale iphone cases

Warehouse Inventory

With tens of thousands of specifications and up to $1 million in inventory, we can meet all kinds of needs and deliver quickly.
phone case wholesale suppliers

Business Department

Free samples are available and OEM/ODM services are supported.

360 Panoramic Photo cell phone case wholesale suppliers introduction

360 Panoramic Photo Factory introduction

JOYPORODO is Your Best Choice Mobile Case Wholesale

By selecting top-notch suppliers, you ensure that the styles in your phone cases 
offer excellent value for money, ultimately providing your customers with a quality product.



Wholesale Price
Slow Shipping
Quality Price Confusion
Less Secure
Lack of Protection



Factory Wholesale Price

100% Guaranteed

Support Customized

Private Brand OEM Service

Extremely Fast Delivery

One-Stop Purchasing

Safety Stock

New Products Every Day

R&D Team

Perfect After-Sales System


Local Market

Booth Wholesale Price
Very Few Models
Lack of Competitiveness
Not Many Styles
Quality Confusion
What They Say About Joyporodo
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