The Manufacturing Process of NFC Electronic Ink Phone Cases

In today’s rapidly advancing technological world, phone cases have evolved from mere protective accessories to integral parts of smart devices. NFC electronic ink phone cases are a prime example of such innovative products. Today, we will take you through the manufacturing process of this high-tech phone case.

Step 1: Attaching the Inner Film

The first step is to attach the inner film to the inside of the phone case. The precision of this step is crucial, as the inner film needs to fit perfectly to provide a smooth surface for the subsequent installation of the chip and ink screen.

Step 2: Installing the Chip

After attaching the inner film, we proceed to install the NFC chip. This step requires a high level of professional skill and precise equipment to ensure the chip is correctly placed and can effectively communicate with the phone’s NFC module.

Step 3: Installing the Ink Screen

During installation, it is essential to ensure the contact points of the ink screen align perfectly with the chip to ensure the screen functions properly.

Step 4: Testing the Ink Screen

After installation, we conduct thorough testing of the ink screen. The purpose of this testing is to ensure that every pixel of the screen displays correctly and that the response speed meets expectations. Any minor defects will be identified and corrected at this stage.

Step 5: Real-Device Testing

Finally, we install the completed phone case onto an actual phone for comprehensive testing. This includes testing the NFC functionality, the ink screen display, and the overall user experience. Only products that pass this series of rigorous tests will make it to the market.

Through these five steps, we ensure that every NFC electronic ink phone case leaving our factory is of superior quality and excellent performance. Thank you for your interest in our products. We hope this blog provides you with a deeper understanding of our manufacturing process.

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